Saint Laurent river.

The river is in face of the chalet. Make the best of these days by resting in a beautiful landscape around the nature and breathing a fresh air.
Not pollution environment make you feel in paradise.

I little history:

Though the Norse explored the Gulf of Saint Lawrence in the 11th century and were followed by fifteenth and early sixteenth century European mariners, such as John Cabot, the brothers Gaspar, Miguel Corte-Real, and Alonso Sanchez, the first European explorer known to have sailed up the St. Lawrence River itself was Jacques Cartier. At that time, the land along the river was inhabited by the St. Lawrence Iroquoians; at the time of Cartier’s second voyage in 1535. Because Cartier arrived in the estuary on St. Lawrence‘s feast day, he named it the Gulf of St. Lawrence.[9] The St. Lawrence River is partly within the U.S. and as such is that country’s sixth oldest surviving European place-name. (Taken from wikipedia)